Let attachments be inside the body (as part of a single item)



Same as I can paste an inline image like this in this post:

Allow the same for both task description and task comments

Ability to paste text that includes images
Ability to paste text that includes images
Attachments at Comment Level

Do it for the kitten, not for me… please!


It would be great to attach documents at a comments level to help easily identify comments that may pertain to a specific document.


Thanks for this feedback, @Silas! While the document won’t appear directly within the comment at this time, have you noticed that documents do appear in the comments list in the order they were added? As you can see here, I’ve attached a document and you can see it in the comments list.

I hope this helps you in the interim. :slight_smile:


Looking like a 32 month interim! :wink:

Is this on the roadmap anywhere?


I wouldn’t use this feature in most of my tasks but when I need it for specific projects, I really miss it! Having this feature would speed up those workflows by a lot.
I’d love to know where this is on Asana’s roadmap.


Hello Asana, when can we expect this?