Legacy pricing + 7 users = Trello?

I have a major problem.
We’re on an old legacy price plan with 5 users. We’ve been using Asana since 2017 and the team is used to it.
But I need to add 2 more users now, we’re growing. Which means I actually need to buy 5 new seats, at the new price of $13.90 per seat.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

A) Per seat pricing is meaningless and valueless when you have to buy blocks of seats. Why should I pay for 3 unused seats? :confused:
B) I can’t justify increasing our annual spend for this tool by nearly 3X just to add two new users.:exploding_head:

Which leaves me looking at alternatives like Trello.

Anyone have any suggestions here?
Anyone else been through this and decide to stick with Asana despite the absurd pricing model?
Anybody using guests to work around this? Feels like cheating, I don’t want to steal anything. But maybe that’s preferable to leaving the platform entirely?

I’m at a loss. The support agent has been useless. HELP! :pray:


I think using guest accounts is your best approach for now. Maybe once you reach exactly 10 users you can reconsider upgrading without the 3-seat penalty.


I wonder how the team at Asana would feel about this.
So much easier if they’d just let me pay for the two additional employees.

Asana is certainly aware of this possibility, but in fact I’ve seen Asanas suggest this at times too. Since you were considering it in your original post, I assumed you were entertaining the idea too, but it’s a question for each person to decide.


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I am entertaining the idea, but don’t really want to do it. It doesn’t feel right. I’m hoping someone from the Asana team will comment.

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