Left a group but had a private project (admin) in it



I recently left a product Group I was in when my role shifted within the company. I had a couple of Projects within that group that I didn’t move into my new product Group (such as Admin, Personal, etc) prior to leaving the original Group.

I don’t believe anyone else in the Company can view those Projects because they were private, and now I don’t have access to them either. What are the options to get access back to those Projects? If I rejoin the Group, would I again have access? Or when I left the Group, did it remove me from ownership or following any Projects within that Group?

Or is some type of account moderator/admin the recourse I need?

I had used these private Projects as places to put down my thoughts, think through some long-term strategic initiatives, etc, so I’m hoping I can get them back. Thanks for any help!


Hi @David_Appel :wave:t3:

Our support team should be able to assist you to gain access to these projects again (note that this will require the authorization of an Admin of the space where these projects are located).

You can contact our support team following these steps.

Hope this helps!