Leaving Company - will projects I own disappear?


I’m leaving my current company in a few weeks, and my email address that is currently linked to my Asana account will be deleted. Will the teams, projects, and/or tasks that I’ve created that include other people be deleted, or will they stay live for those folks? I ask because some other services (i.e. Box) delete folders owned by an email address when that email address is deleted.



Hi @Emily_Powell! No, nothing will be deleted. When you are removed from Asana, the tasks, projects, conversations, attachments and comments that you created will remain intact, but your assigned tasks will be left unassigned. To ensure no tasks go unaccounted for, it is a good idea to go into the your My Tasks and reassign those tasks before you are removed from Asana. Hope this helps!


Hey @Emily_Powell! You can also take a look at this article from our guide! :wink: https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/common-questions#gl-leaving