Learn new skills with brand new courses on Asana Academy

Hi there! My name is Maggie, and I work on Asana’s User Education team in San Francisco. I build trainings and courses to support our customers in meeting their needs with Asana. I’m excited to share with you that we have just launched three brand new Asana basics courses on Asana Academy.

  • Gain the benefits of Asana: Are you or any team members brand new to Asana? This course is an introduction to Asana and the ways it can support your work.
  • Master project management basics: Build a clear project plan using Asana and learn to avoid the common pitfalls of many team projects.
  • Balance and prioritize your workload: Learn to take control of all the work on your plate by prioritizing where to start in Asana and being realistic about what you can get done.

In addition to these new courses, we have also launched a new Asana Academy category on the forum. Use this space to discuss prompts from the courses and ask questions about any of the course concepts. This is a great way for your to connect with other Asana learners to learn how they are applying the skills from the course within their own organizations. Happy learning!