Leadership Membership

It would be helpful if we had a Leadership Membership for org emails. Not a guest, but also not a full-rate paid member. Many of my clients are going out to a BI tool for reporting and I think this is a missed opportunity for Asana.

Leadership members are those that have org emails but less capability and therefore not the full member rate. They would have the ability to collab like a guest but also create portfolios and dashboards.

This will give leadership visibility while keeping them in the tool.

This is a great idea, and I added my vote.


It would be helpful to allow guest access for those within the same organization (same email address). Very few people, except my team, use asana, but it would be nice to provide guest access to those outside my team to view projects/tasks that are going on.

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Ha, just posted something like that here => Leadership Membership based on my comment here: Create link function needs improvement - #2