Leaderboard for performance appraisal


Did anyone successfully make a leaderboard for performance appraisal in Asana? Can you share the tips and how you did that?

I want to create a leaderboard project in Asana and add team members to it. So everyone can see each other’s progress and the ranking but I don’t know how to do that. I mean I can create one but it wastes a lot of time when you are trying to figure a lot of things out when creating a project like that.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

It’s easy enough to create a Project where each Task is a person’s name, and you have a custom numeric field for a ranking score. The Project would be sortable on that field or on the name field. Add everyone to the project and they will all be able to see and sort these rankings.

Did you want the ranking to be a calculation of some sort and be automatically updated? That is getting a lot harder. If so, please say what calculation you had in mind.

Not calculations. For example. I created a project where each task is a person’s name. Every week I evaluate their performance and score their work. Is there a way that the task with the highest score can automatically move to the top?

I see. Well, this is almost doable, with the one exception that while sorting is easy, there is bizarrely no option to sort with highest first: Why can't you sort fields in both directions, A-Z and Z-A?


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Thanks @Stephanie_Oberg

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