[Launching Soon] Time Tracking Entries


  • launching April 7th, endpoints for Time Tracking Entries:
    • getting all time tracking entries
    • getting all time tracking entries for a given task
    • creating new time tracking entries on tasks
    • updating existing time tracking entries

Hey folks,

Previously, we launched Time Tracking read data. Now, we’re launching Time Tracking Entries in the API. Here are the endpoints that
will become available soon:

  • directly:
    • GET /time_tracking_entries/:gid
    • PUT /time_tracking_entries/:gid
    • DELETE /time_tracking_entries/:gid
  • via /tasks/:
    • POST /tasks/:gid/time_tracking_entries
    • GET /tasks/:gid/time_tracking_entries

And here is the Time Tracking Entry resource:

  "gid": "1234",
  "resource_type": "time_tracking_entry",
  "duration_minutes": "1", // long
  "entered_on": "YYYY-MM-DD",
  "task": {}, // Task, https://developers.asana.com/reference/tasks#taskcompact
  "created_by": {}, // User, https://developers.asana.com/reference/users#usercompact
  "created_at": "2023-03-15T16:26:00Z" //ISO 8601

Documentation is not available yet, but will become available before launch.


Date Event
2023-03-16 Announcement
2023-04-07 Generally Available[1]

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team

  1. There is no opt-in or pre-release for Time Tracking Entries. This will become Generally Available for everyone at once. ↩︎


Thanks. Does « generally available » suggests that it would be partially available before for example through enable headers?

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Great question. For Time Tracking Entries, it will become available to everyone at once. There is no opt-in period nor are there headers that can be used for pre-release access.

The rule of thumb is if there is no timeline entry for opt-in, then there will be no opt-in or pre-release availability. I’ll make sure to call that out more clearly in the future!