"Later" section under MyTasks seems to be broken (grouped by Project but projects listed in RANDOM order?)


The MyTasks section shows tasks listed in three sections, Today, Upcoming and Later. The Later section is automatically grouped by Project, however those projects apparently are listed in RANDOM order, or at least not in the same order I have then in the left side pane.

Anyone knows what criteria Asana uses to set the order in which the projects are listed in the “Later” section?


NOTE: This same situation happens using “My Priority” view, or “By Project”, in My Tasks.

I really hope someone knows in what order projects are supposed to be listed. Is driving me nuts to see them in random order.


As far as I can tell, projects in My Tasks are just listed in alphabetical order. At least, they are in mine. Could be a technical issue if not.


Hey guys. Sorry to hear you’re finding this frustrating, @Joe2017. Thank you for this feedback! Most likely the logic for this setup is recency of task modification, due date, or the like. However, we can definitely understand how this would be confusing and we’ll take this into consideration.


Thanks Alexis. Please really look at it. It looks like an unfinished section of Asana. I think the projects were meant to be listed alphabetically or in the same order people have them on the left hand side. “My Tasks” is supposed to be such an important section I’m surprised to see this has not been an issue or complain someone has had before.


Hi Joe

Welcome to the community.

I completely agree with your post. I have raised similar thoughts in this post, which you might find interesting: Sorting in Asana

And if you do find it interesting, you might also find this post interesting:A better Dashboard for high level overview

I would love to hear your thoughts.



“Later” in “My Tasks” has always been displayed by project for as long as I’ve known. Not sure why, but I don’t think it has changed recently.


My Tasks has always been that way, and it was
not changed. If you read my post, you will see
what I am saying is something different – I am
talking about the way the Later section is supposed to be
"sorted", or actually how today is not sorted. Looks like
the Projects are listed ramdomly or not
following any type of criteria.


Well, that’s what I get for skimming! Sorry about that.


It was with #love.

Just wanted to make sure whoever reads this sees that Asana has a section broken or unfinished.


Hi Alexis. Just a follow up to my question and your comment 10 days ago.

I am glad to see you, at Asana, understand the issue as you said - “Most likely the logic for this setup is recency of task modification, due date, or the like”. However, when you say, “or the like”, it confirms we have no idea how is setup and that is not good for Asana and its users.

The preferred solution of course would be to fix it (i.e. to group projects either alphabetically or in the order on the left hand side), but I understand this is not priority at Asana. In the mean time, it would really help if you could confirm how it is actually setup (with that info we may be able to work around it). The “or the like” is simply not helping. Is there a way you can ask internally at Asana?


Hi Joe - I appreciate your concerns. I suggest that you take a look at this Asana Product Guide article, which outlines how Today/Upcoming/Later operate in My Tasks. I think you’ll enjoy the Product Video at the bottom of the page, as well. The information outlined in this article and corresponding video will shed some light on the how for this part of the product. Thanks for reaching out!



I am sorry to say but you that is not my concern. I appreciate you are responding, but I must say apparently your not putting in my shoes (the Customer, nothing less). I am familiar with how My Tasks work, very much so, that I found a flaw on the system. Pointing me to the basic info of how it works simply trying to give me answer, “whatever” it is but an answer, is not the right thing to do.

Let’s do the right thing I suggest. I suggest please contact someone internal an Asana and find out how in the Later section the projects are grouped. And please tell them a User is wondering if it will be fixed.

I am even wondering in there is a way to CC the founders and the leadership of Asana here. I am sure this is not how they expect the issues to be sorted out – the User begging to be taken seriously after finding a flaw on the system (this is not even a bug, it is a flaw).


Hi Joe,

I understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately due do the large number of feature requests and questions we receive, we aren’t able to provide unique support or direct contact with the product team or leadership for requests such as these. However, I ensure you that the product team is aware of your feedback. In general, I encourage you to visit the Asana Guide for general information about the product and of course visit the Community with follow up questions. We’ll be happy to help!

Thanks so much for understanding. Please reach out if you have other questions.



Hi Joe - more info you might find helpful!

The order of the projects in the Later section (and thus the corresponding task order) reflects the order of the projects in the sidebar, which is default ordered by the creation time of the project (but may be “overridden” by dragging and dropping in the side bar). :slight_smile:



Thanks for the info but I can guarantee that is not the order – the grouping order does not “reflect the order of the projects in the sidebar”. I can send you a screenshot that will clearly show that is not the case. That is in fact why I think is an unfinished section in Asana, as I cannot imagine any type of order.

That said, what should be the next step? (I assume some sort of action different than just living with MyTasks that way, unfinished)


Hi Joe - As a next step, let’s leave it to the trusty Asana product team :slight_smile:



Meaning, in this case the Asana product team will do nothing! as they already decided when I first brought up the issue – they “trust” it is OK to leave the product as is, broken/unfinished, because apparently no one has noticed (except me of course)



And not to keep bothering with this. But I just experienced this. Please try using My Tasks and the View to show tasks “By Project”. Boom! All projects listed in RANDOM order. Every time I use that Later section I have to spend time trying to find the project simply because they not listed in any order.


Sorry to hear that, Joe. We’ll look into it and see what we can do! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.