Late tasks

Is there any way to see what tasks were completed late, that is, computed after their assigned due date? This would help us track poor estimates/problematic areas.

Not sure how to edit my original post, I meant completed, not computed

HI @Harley_Chang

You can view the start date/time and completed date/time in the task audit meta.

Also, Asana has some charts coming to assist with this:

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Hi Getz, where do I find the task audit meta?

At the bottom of the tasks. You see the Show 3 previous updates? You will have those also that when clicked will reveal more updates. Hover over the 3 days ago to see the exact date/time.

I think you’ll need to hand hold me a little bit more. I don’t know how to even get to this view. More importantly, how does this show that a task was completed late? It seems from your screenshot like I would have to know when every task was due and manually check each one to see when it was submitted.

When you open a task, scroll to the bottom. Here is a larger view.

This does not automatically provide the data you want. You will need to hover over the x days ago for each and do the math manually until those charts are available (link above)

Got it, thank you Getz.

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