Last access should be available in API

we need that last access per user will be available in API. Now we can’t get that information from API for our reporting.

Hi @Olga_Trizno and welcome to the Community!

Just in case you’re not aware about it, this info is available via the Admin console. More info:

Hi Maria,
we have Asana Enterprise Divisoion plan, so proposed link from you is not actual for us(((.

Oh, you can have a look at this other article then @Olga_Trizno :slight_smile:

We know all that features in admin console. We have another need - to have possibility get from API last user access information in order to create report in another system. Now API can’t give us that. My request was about possibility to get from API last user access infromation.

Thanks @Olga_Trizno, and sorry for the confusion, I did understand your request, I just wanted to be sure you were aware of these too :slight_smile: