Language problem


hello, when my team members write tasks in russian, asana can change the contense, it looks like asana translates it in english, and then back to russian… can anybody help me?
To show my problem, i can provide you with a task, that was written in pure language, but after publication, changed radically: "
У нас ужасно работает Сан. Prod текст Она русский на английский, английский на русский. Все тайное предложения, Напа на русском языке.

Например слово шесть - исправляет она как хочет.

Невозможно работать с sad. Одно stab, по факту люди видят полный бред в мнение." the result is simmilar to an early google translate… there was english words before publication…


there was NO english words*


I’m sorry for the trouble, @4c71a09e38fbba76ed14. Are you copying and pasting this content into tasks, or are you typing into the task and then it is changing it later?

This is not the expected behavior if you are typing in Russian into the task, and I may recommend filing this as a bug with our support specialists at