Lag Shifting + Task Template Dating Interaction Issue


  • Continuous project that uses standard task templates to create work requests
  • Template uses dependency chain + relative due dates to auto-populate due dates
  • Project has Dependency date shifting - Maintain buffer + Weekend awareness selected


We want to be able to make tasks from the template, have their dates auto-populate as desired and then shift around the block of due dates if things change.


  • New task made from template w/ subtasks.
  • Subtask 1 is due on Saturday and Subtask 2 is due on Monday (2-day gap) based on relative due dates
  • Move Subtask 2 to be due on Tuesday
  • Subtask 1 is now due on Monday (1-day gap)


Tasks made from templates with relative due dates can and will populate dates on weekends. This is not the bug as I know relative due dates + weekend awareness are two different functions. However, the interaction of the two causes issues.

With Maintain buffer enabled I would have hoped that Subtask 1 would have been due on Sunday, or if Weekend awareness needs to force it off of a weekend, then it should be due on Friday to maintain the 2 day gap. Instead, it has now removed the slack time between tasks entirely.


This seems like an unintended interaction of two features. I’m not sure if I would call this a bug but I also imagine it also shouldn’t behave this way.


This happens across the web browser and app and has been repeated with multiple users.

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Hi @Ben_Brown_Bentley , thanks for flagging this and for providing all that very helpful information.

I have raised this to our Development team so they can clarify where this behaviour comes from (or if it’s indeed a bug) and I will ping you on this thread once they come back with an update, thanks!


Hi @Ben_Brown_Bentley, our Developers have received the report and will work on a fix. As soon as they have any updates they will let me know and I will keep you posted!

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Thank you @Vanessa_N !

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Hey @Vanessa_N , has there been any update on when the devs will be working on this? Or do you have any indication of where it may sit in the queue? If it will be a while I can find an alternative solution for the time being.

Hi @Ben_Brown_Bentley, unfortunately they haven’t shared an ETA yet, but I’ve reached out again asking if there’s any update. Sorry for the trouble!

Hey @Vanessa_N , did the team manage to give you an update? This bug is causing significant issues with our use of the calendar still according to our digital marketing team.

Hi @Ben_Brown_Bentley, I’ve just checked the status of this escalation and unfortunately they are not able to share any updates yet. Sorry about that! I’m following the case and as soon as there’s any news I’ll let you know