Lack of new features in premium tier (e.g. workflows/automations)

Having been an asana premium customer for a short while now, as well as some time on-and-off as as a free user over the past few years, there appears to be lack of new features being released at the ‘premium’ tier.

This year I saw that a basic version of Workflows/Automations would be enabled for the premium tier; I noticed this in the pricing comparison table - and was excited to receive even a watered-down version of this functionality. However, I’ve now come to learn that this feature is only available on business tier. As far as I can tell, there are no major releases for premium tier coming soon (please enlighten me if I’m incorrect).

This isn’t by any means a vent, but I needed to share my growing disappointment that only the best features (workload, portfolios, proofing, automations) are being enabled for business tier. In fact, I feel that competitor platforms at similar price-points (or even free tier) are releasing more features which are making me seriously reconsider moving from the Asana platform.

I have always been fond of the Asana; It’s highly user-friendly and does most of what our team need it for. As we are in the early phase of our company, we are not yet able to justify the higher price-point of the business tier, yet want more features to help justify the business cost.

I sincerely hope Asana will continue to improve its premium tier and make premium customers like me happy!

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Hi @Lloyd_Rees :wave:

We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us and we are sorry to hear you feeling disappointed with the functionalities available in the Premium Tier.

Please note we are constantly working to add new features across our different plans, as we have recently released Forms and Rules available to all our Paid plans, and we are continuously working on improving and releasing new features for all our users.

We are aware that Business tier might not be the best plan for every Team or Company but in your case it might be worthy to sign up for a trial and see if it suits you and your team better. In case you want to have more information about it, you can always contact our Sales Team either by chat chat from the corner of this page , or write into them in this handy link:

Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us! I hope you have a great week! :slight_smile:

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