Keyboard Shortcuts not working in Safari?

Am I doing something wrong?
from what I’ve read I hold down the tab key then tap the letter of the shortcut I"m trying to do. For example I want to quickly add a due date to a task. I highlight the task in the left pane and then hold down the tab button then I tap D. Nothing
I’ve also tried doing the same when trying to quickly add a label Tab & T. again nothing. Am I missing a step?

Hi Kim and welcome to the forum :wave:,

You are correct on the keyboard shortcuts. I apologize I can’t check Safari because I don’t have that browser downloaded on this computer. @Marie can you check? @Kim_Cramer are you working on a PC or Mac? What is your browser version? You may need to update your browser to a newer version.


Thanks Katie! I’m working on my Mac. Everythings up to date as far as safari goes.

Hi @Kim_Cramer and thanks for the mention @Katie_Reynolds :slight_smile:

I’m working from a Mac too; I’ve just tested the “Tab+D” shortcut on Safari, and it is working as expected on my end. @Kim_Cramer, do you have any extension installed on your browser? If so, they could potentially be the root of your issue. To verify this is not the case, I would recommend logging from an incognito window and check if you can reproduce the issue.

Let us know if that helps :slight_smile: