Keyboard shortcut to access to "more details" from a task?

Hi guys! I am wondering if there is a Keyboard shortcut to access to the “detailed” view of a new task with a keyboard shortcut.

Pressing Enter you can create a new task and write down the Titel of that task (the “quick way” for me), but for adding a screenshot to that task you need to click that task and paste the image as comment in the “Detailed view” of the task. I would like to avoid that “clicking” step and just with a Keyboard shortcut access to that “Detailed view”…or better, to be able to directly to paste an image on the task from the “quick way” (the Enter way).

Hi @Rafael_Mongelos_Mar1 and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

That is a great question! You can use the Shortcut Tab + Enter to open/close the task details.

Please have a look at the following Guide article to learn more about Shortcuts! You can also type ⌘/ or Ctrl-/ in Asana :slight_smile:

I hope this helps Rafael! Have a great week!

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