Keyboard shortcut for assigning due date does not work for sub tasks

All keyboard shortcuts for subtasks appear to work (using the Mac native app) except for assigning a due date.

Steps to reproduce: When in a task, Command + S creates subtask, type name of subtask, Command + A assigns tasks, but then Command + D doesn’t trigger the subtasks due date, rather it triggers the main tasks due date.

Browser version: Using dedicated Mac Asana Desktop app

Upload screenshots below:

I tried and it does work if you have the focus on the subtask… it doesn’t for you?

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Well, yes, if I click the subtask, it does work. Thank you for pointing that out! I would think it should also work the same as the other shortcuts even when the subtask is not selected though too. Usually, I add subtasks immediately after creating the parent so I love the keyboard shortcuts, but always get hung up on that last one for the subtask date.

I have seen some other reports around an object not being focused properly when it should, makes it hard to work only with a keyboard…

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