Keeps team members I removed


I’m new to Asana & trying to get used to it.

I removed 3 team members I had added & every time I go to assign someone, those team members still show up.

Can you also confirm that a team member can see work that was assigned to another team member?

I don’t want that.


The assignee autocomplete shows everyone from the org + all the guests, this is not (yet?) limited to the current team.

It depends on various factors like permissions and where the task is located. Usually at the top of the task you have a yellow ribbon explaining the visibility. Can you be more specific?

Hope that helps.

Oh, well that’s not good, that makes the list very long. Are you going to fix/change this in the future?

I don’t see any ribbon or the color yellow.

Do you have a SS you can show me?

I’ve just been creating a new project & then adding tasks to that.

Is there a permissions area?

Thanks for your quick response.

Hi @Michelle_Korn, yo ucan set project permissions following these steps:

Hope this helps!

Thanks, but I’m still not sure I can do what I want.

Looks like I have to make all the projects private then.

If I have more than one team member on a private project, can I make it so they can only see the tasks assigned to them?

Can I get a yes or no answer to my question?