Keeping One Main Task but adding new tasks that appear for each Section

I am looking at moving a Videocast “Guest” along a workflow of sections on a board. Sections Include: New Booked Guest, In Production, Post Production Edit, Final Review, Campaign Plan, Publish, and Monitor/ Track Metrics.

IS there a way where the specific tasks for each “section” come up and hide the previous sections or future sections that the “Guest” card will move from:to? Alternatively, can the Subtasks or TAsks for the Guest Card, be sectioned, most likely titled by the “section labels”?

Appreciate the support.

Hi @David_A_Rosen, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to hide sections. We have a thread in our #product-feedback category for this request, you can upvote here: Hide sections

In regards to your second question, you can create sections between subtasks in a task by typing Tab+N. Is this what you are referring by “Guest cards being sectioned”? :slight_smile:

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@David_A_Rosen Welcome to the community.
If you have access to the rules, you could create a rule in the new workflow builder where you add subtasks to the mail task as it moves through the workflow. Then when adding the subtask per stage, use Tab+N to also create a section in the subtasks when adding. Here is a link to how I see it could work:

More info on Workflow Builder :point_down:


Thank you. It seems like a possible workaround. It would be helpful if the sections work in the subtasks as that would also help to focus on what needs work in each section. I will try to follow your example.

Great help.

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Gr8 to know keyboard shortcut… that will at least help to divide all the tasks that would match the sections… as checklists. The workflow seems a bit combersome, but does allow new tasks to be added when card reaches each “section:”
Thank you emily.