Keeping List View & Board view in sync



We have a list View & Board view project that’s identical. Does anyone know of a way to automate the updates that happen in each project so the information is always identical for each of them in real time? Is there some sort of workaround or integration that can help with this?
Thank you!


Hi @Carrie_Gibori :wave:t3:

The best way to automatically have both your projects update is to multi-home each tasks into your two projects.

Sounds like both your projects (Le’ts call them Project A and Project B) have their own tasks at the moment, so to set up the solution above, you would need to delete all tasks from project A. You could then create a brand new project B and multi-home all tasks from Project A into your new Project B. This way any change made to Project A will automatically be reflected in Project A.

Hope this helps!