keeping contacts and files and attachements

I don’t understand how to use “files”. I would like to keep some links and attachemnts and lists of things in Asana that I use on here. Do I keep that in files? where do I put things that people send me?

Hi @Stella_Fay_Metzner :wave:t4:

To answer your question the files tab is where all of the attachments within your tasks live.

Files View displays a gallery style view of all the images, documents, and files attached to tasks in the project or My Tasks list you’re viewing.

To store an image or file here you will need to attach it to a task.

Files View will only show attachments already added to tasks - you cannot upload new files without attaching them to a task from List View. Files will need to be removed manually from each task.

Hope this helps! Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

Kind regards,

Cathya :blush: