Keeping comments after completing a task

If I create a comment on work done on a particular task, and then set it to repeat a certain number of days later, and then hit complete, how can I still see those comments as Asana seems to create a duplicate task, so there is no thread anymore.
The only way that I can see to do it to to change the due date, but then for ongoing tasks, these would never get completed?

Welcome, @Justin,

What you propose is a valid approach, unless you’d rather keep track of each individual, actual completion.

If that’s the case, your alternative is to leave the task with the comment thread as a parent task but make the repeating task actually be a subtask of that parent. When you complete the subtask, it creates a sibling subtask directly following it with the new date, and the parent comment thread is maintained. It looks like this:

I hope that might help,