Keeping an up to date list

I want to have a list that a team can keep adding and removing items from. One option i thought of was editing a google doc in my drive that was attached. Will this stay up to date or is there a better way to do this?

With a shared file on Google drive it will work well I have already tried that to collaborate on a document. To make a list you can also create a specific project and you then use a task as a line of your list. Doing so you will have a list of tasks.

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Thank you for the response. The shared file is a better option for me because the list will need to contain additional info that i would like to view without having to expand the task.

Thanks for posting this question Keagan.

While Julien’s suggestion is the best way to store a list of names that your whole Team has access to (in the form of Tasks saved within a dedicated Project), we can also understand the need to access additional information that pertain to those names without having to click the individual Tasks to do so.

Because of this I echo Julien’s recommendation that you either store your active list in a Google doc stored within Google Drive itself or save the hyperlink within the description of a Task that all members of your Team have access to. This could allow you to include any important notes on project protocol and/or case history in Asana, which when paired with a premium subscription (in either your Workspace or Organization) would also allow you to use Advanced Search to quickly locate the correct Task with the Google Doc in question.

Using Asana to catalogue types of Google Docs via hyperlinks stored in Tasks could be especially helpful for many of our members who require the ability to actively collaborate on a file in real time (while maintaining a edit history to review collectively).

Hope this helps!

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