Keep section if exists when adding task to project

This is a feature-request, apologies if not the correct place to publish.

We use projects as sprints… so we regularly add projects to a task and then remove the previous one.
It would be great to have a feature to “move” to project instead of adding and deleting previous one but at least it would be great that if I add a project and this one has the same section as the one already assigned, that it auto points itself to the same section.


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You can still leave it under the other project as well. Also when you have a rule set up that adds the task to another project it would still stay under the original project too unless you remove the task from there.

You can achieve this via rules. In your case it might be best to set up a single-select custom field with the sections and then rules in the projects. (You can also set them up in your project template)

So for example if a task is moved to the stage „verificar“ it would update the custom field to the same selection in the main project. And if the task gets added to another project a rule there triggers based on the custom field and moves the task accordingly.

I know it isn‘t that convenient as it requires some rules to be set up, however it works.

Also this feedback request thread might be interesting for you to vote on.

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