Just converted workspace to organization....terrible mistake

I just converted our workspace into an organization in hopes of using some team features and making integrations more seamless. I had no idea certain things would happen without warning and now I’m stuck in support purgatory waiting for help.

So this post is a warning about converting and also a request for help from anyone that has a similar situation. Hopefully it helps if you’re considering the switch.

When I converted my premium workspace I assumed it would be converted into a premium organization. However, it converted to the free plan (I just paid my premium bill 2 days ago). As soon as I went to customize the org settings, I was prompted to upgrade in order to do anything (literally, every setting requires a premium plan).

I went to upgrade to a premium plan in hopes that my account would just be credited but Asana recognizes 9 emails connected to my domain so it wants to force me to upgrade to 10 seats when I only need 4. Like most businesses, we have several email addresses that are not actual people in our company.

I start searching articles and threads and even reach out to sales support via chat. I discovered that you can upgrade only a team to premium so I tried that. I pay the upgrade fee and despite the upgrade, I still have no access to organization settings.

I’m extremely hesitant to upgrade the whole org in hopes of a refund after reading other threads. I carved out an evening and stayed at the office instead of going home to my family to accomplish this mission and now I’m handcuffed until I hear from support.

I’ve emailed Asana Support. There is no auto reply to let you know they’ve received your request or anything. The icing on the cake is Asana prioritizes support for premium accounts which I used to have and now don’t. :confused:

I’m really bummed at the experience but hope to stick with it and hope the service team is able to transition my account and process a refund without a fight.

@Joshua_Hindman It sounds to me like your problem is not so much switching to an organization as the logistics of what happen. Organizations are much more feature packed than workspaces. Let me address for instance one of your concerns on dummy email addresses of your domain. Organizations have unlimited guests (anybody without your domain). If they really are not actual users, just grab a gmail address for them and you will have no charge. Teams add a whole additional hiarchy. Hang in there and make sure support guides you through. Don’t be to premature that you have made a bad decision.


I agree with James, looks like some configuration was lost along the way.

Go to asana.com/support, into “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” button to contact the support.

Hang in there :muscle:


Hi @Joshua_Hindman and welcome to the Forum! My sincere apologies for the trouble here!

I can confirm our Team has received your request and got back to you a few hours ago; again sincere apologies for all the inconvenience, we really appreciate your patience!

Thanks Marie, I did get a reply. They said to go ahead and upgrade to the 10 member setup and then remove users I didn’t need. They also said they would refund the charges for the unnecessary upgrades I did.

However, when I change the plan from annual to monthly, it won’t let me enter credit card details. Seems like an error with the page. :confused:

Thanks for your response!

HI @Joshua_Hindman and thanks for following up,

Unfortunately, I can’t really help with billing questions via the forum, but feel free to report this issue to our support team, they will be in a better place to help!