.jpg file will not attach to a Board



I am unable to attach a .jpg file within a Board. When I do so, I receive an error message! asana - file failed to attach|444x215
See the screenshot attached for the error message


Screenshot will not attach


Our IT person determined that the problem had to do with the most recent Windows update and how it affected our Synology server. We downloaded the Synology update and it solved the problem.


Good to hear it’s working now!


Hey Eric! May I ask how you use Asana together with the Synology server? Is there maybe an option to link files from the server in a Asana task? Or are there other useful integrations? I’m curious cause I’m looking into setting up a Synology drive myself and I’d like use Asana for task management. I’d be glad about any helpful tips.


I checked with our IT person. He stated Asana is 3rd party so it does not backup on the Synology server. Suggest checking with Asana on how best to backup.