Jira Cloud integration - rules not running consistently

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: We have a custom rule running that when a new task is created in Asana, it will automatically create a ticket in Jira as well. However, it has not been running consistently. In one case

it created 7 new Jira tickets for 1 Asana task, and in another case it did not create the Jira ticket at all.

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Hi @Alexandria_Petterut1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Could you confirm if you are referring to this Jira Cloud integration or the one created by Unito: Jira + Asana app integration: Create Asana tasks from Jira issues • Asana. You can also confirm if you are using Jira Could by going to the URL that you use to log in to your Jira account. If your URL has this structure: “.atlassian.net” then you are using the Jira Cloud integration.

If you are using the right integration and the issue persists, I recommend you to contact our support team and confirm this information:

  • URL of the project where you setup the rule
  • URL of this thread
  • If possible, a screenshot showing the rule and any errors

You can contact them following the steps in this post: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope the issue is solved soon!

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