It is disappointing that progress became a premium feature


We were using progress feature in free plan. We’ve learned that it would become a premium feature. It is disappoing and worrying that other free features might become a premium feature.

Progress chart and stats now requires Premium?

What happened to project progress? It was only ever a chart of one stat of issues open and closed. That’s obv not worth starting to pay $120/user/year for, so we’ll just be doing without it. Anyone else missing this, or is it just me?


Ditto, very disappointing. It was also disappointing that it took me twenty minutes of poking around the help area and the forum before learning that the feature I’d been using had been taken away on purpose and that it wasn’t a bug on my end.

I was really only using it to get a total of remaining tasks in any one project, the actual graph wasn’t that important or useful for me. A bummer I’ll have to be counting that up by hand now.


I could understand taking away a feature you upgraded or takes effort to maintain, but those simple charts, that have been around forever and were barely informative anyway? This is pretty lame of you Asana. It feels petty.