It has been fun! Pricing plan and lack of single user license is a "show stopper".

For the last year I have had a 15 seat premium plan at the cost of $1125.00/yr. We needed 16 seats, but that would have been $2398.00/yr. Now my main project is finished and I have changed my role in the company.

For the next 9-12 months my project work will be solo work, preparing various project that in time will initiate several projects, with various groups of people in our department. One team will eventually need 6 seats for a long periode of time. Another project (if we get the funding, and we will) will need 20 seats in phase one and + 11-12 in phase two.

Do the math on this structure, and you will soon see how your pricing plan is a hard sell to my boss.

Combine this with the fact that I alone would have to pay $375.00/yr for the pre-project phase. To be frank, the pricing plan is a total “show stopper” for us (public service).

I simply can´t work on the free plan preparing my projects lacking key functionality. In the same time I refuse to ever again work through a project without the “seats” necessary. Cost matters and management does not like to throw money out the window.

I truly believe a fair priced single user plan would benefit asana greatly. There are many good tools to choose from and most of the top tools have similar pricing structures. Why not be one of the first (really good) project management tools that also invites the solo users to join? Then sort out a dynamic plan with a pay pr. user structure. Why alienate the 6,11,16,21 teams and so on? Not to mention the 31,41 seat teams (and so on) having to pay the 9 extra unused seats. It makes no sense to me. The $6.25/mo for small teams/businesses to make Asana affordable is a great offer if you ned 5 or 10 seats. 6 or 11? Not so much.

Look at one of you main competitors (monday). Single user license + 4 guests billed as one. Imo they are not as good, but if you put 12 months of work into it, you will not switch when it´s time to invite the rest of your team.

To put it bluntly, you are turning down business. I mean no disrespect by this post, you run your company the way you want. You have made a great product, which I have enjoyed working with.

Anyways. It has been fun.

Kind regards

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