Issue with Tasks Due Today (may be with "Today Above New")



I’ve been seeing an issues with task sorting in the “My Tasks” screen. It’s been sorting tasks by due date out of order and categorizing them into the wrong section. A couple examples:

  • I changed a due date from today to next Friday. It continued to show up in my “Today” list.
  • Numerous tasks that have had due dates for today assigned are still showing up under “New Tasks” but not under “Today.”

When I sort by due date it’s all fine but I lose the categorization I like. When I sort by “none” and let Asana categorize them for me, I end up with a lot of “New Tasks” that are due today, and a “Today” that doesn’t list any actual tasks due today - but some that are due next week.

I have experienced the issue after multiple reloads when I change settings, with the “Today Above New” hack both on and off.


@Ryan_VanSickle, thanks for writing in! I think I can see where the confusion is coming from.

The “Today” section in Asana is not all Tasks that are due today – it’s intended to reflect Tasks that you anticipate working on Today, regardless of their due date. If you mark a Task for “Today”, it will remain in the Today section until you complete it or move it to another section (“Upcoming” or “Later”). You can read more about that in the Guide [here]( Tasks, Today, Upcoming, and Later).

The behavior that you’re reporting is expected – a Task will stay in Today if you change the due date, and a Task will remain in your New Tasks section until you determine which section (Today, Upcoming, Later) it should live in.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


We’ve got an update for you all in the thread linked below. In order to keep the Community organized we’ll be closing this thread and continuing all conversation about “today above new” in the thread below. Thanks!