Issue with duplicating subtasks

Our orginistaion is having intermittent issues with duplicating tasks.
We have complex tasks we use as templates that contain several levels of sub-tasks

When duplicating these template tasks we are having issues.

  1. Sometimes the duplicates work without hassle.
  2. Other times the duplicate brings up a notification to let you know that its duplicating but freezes at this point.
  3. There are occasions where it will duplicate some of the sub-tasks and then get “stuck”

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi @Sean_Kavanagh,

I think our support team will be in a better position to help you here! Could you please reach out to them following these steps, and provide them with the following info:

  • URL of one of the subtasks which duplicated successfully
  • URL of one of the subtask which failed to duplicate
  • Confirm if this is happening in a specific project or if it is happening consistently across projects.

With this info our team should be able to help you resolve this issue!