Issue with Conversations (unable to click) - Chrome updated




I wanted to let you know that I believe there is a bug with Chrome on conversations.

I am unable to Delete messages and many times unable to click the clip for attachments.

I updated Chrome and have tried multiple times and it does not respond when I click those locations.

Can you please review?


Hi I just realized it works on Incognito mode but it will not work in regular Chrome access.

Do you happen to know what could be the issue?

I noticed the same thing happened when I try to use Advanced Search none of the drop down menus are working or the “Change View” after search results.

There must be an issue with my regular chrome. Not sure what it could be.


Hi @pedro_prada and sorry for the late reply! The fact that it works with an incognito window definitely indicates that the issue is browser-related. If you have extensions installed on Chrome, they might be causing this issue. Try disabling them ( one per one until you can isolate which one is triggering the issue. And of course, if there is anything else I can do to help, let me know! :slight_smile: