Issue with API caching

We are using the API to retrieve users in a team via the TeamMemberships method and we are missing an external user who was recently added to a team (we cannot see them in the UI either). Could this be an issue with caching? Could you please advise how long it takes for membership changes to appear in data returned by the API?

Welcome, @Maria_Fuentes,

I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered this kind of delay or caching issues regarding team memberships, either in the UI or API, at least not beyond a few minutes maximum.

I think you might be best reporting the specifics to so they can look into it in detail, after you’ve made sure that you’ve ruled out any Asana supported browsers and troubleshooting steps | Product guide • Asana Product Guide.



I agree with @lpb, you should reach out to Asana support. Also, it’s not an API issue if they are also missing from the web UI; there is something else going on that support can help you with, I’m sure.

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Thanks Phil and Larry, I have already contacted support with this query but they directed me to the API forum. I have replied back with the UI issue argument so I’m hoping I get a response on their end. Many thanks!