Issue setting up a zap with Zapier!

Can you help what zap are you using in Zapier? I was not able to find one which says ‘Assign to’ ? I am already using Zapier and don’t want to use yet another tool for this simple automation. Thanks a ton… Btw, this feature request is killing me too… Pl add this natively in the product. Thanks,

Hi @Pashmeen_Mistry,

In Zapier, create an Asana trigger of “New Task in Project”; create an Asana action of Edit Task and in the Assignee field, select the user to assign the newly created task to.

Let me know if you have questions or need more detail.

Hi Phil… For some reason I am getting this error. I am sure the user exists and that I can assign the task to the user via Asana. Any help you can provide will be great!

@mentioning @Phil_Seeman to be sure he is notified of your question @Pashmeen_Mistry. I’ve also moved your request to a brand new thread so it doesn’t get mixed and lost within the initial thread! Hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

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Hi @Pashmeen_Mistry,

Afraid I don’t know what the root of that issue would be. I can definitely get a list of users in my account in the Assignee field on that Zapier, so it’s not an overall Zapier issue. If you haven’t yet, on the Zapier screen where you connect to Asana, I would try reconnecting and also using the “Test” button to make sure the connection is good.