Issue Loading Asana - My Tasks & Projects

Message: This is in relationship to this post: Projects and Tasks not loading not loading.

I am also seeing this issue. Here are the answers to the 5 questions you have asked the others on my Team:

  1. Is this happening with every page you’re trying to load or does it only affect specific project/tasks?
    Not all pages, but I am not able to load certain Projects and I can not access “My Tasks”. Here is a link to one of the Projects I can not access.

  2. Are your colleague aftected too?
    Yes, but not all.

  3. Are you able to reproduce with a Chrome incognito window=,

  4. Are you able to reproduce with another browser?

  5. Could you run this https: //asana. com/guide/help/faq/connectivity#gl-websockets and let me know what the results are?
    Yes it is successful. See screenshot.

Browser version:
Chrome Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Firefox 69.0 (64-bit)

Here is another Screenshot.2019-09-13%2012_29_56-Asana%20Help%20Test

Here is another screenshot.

@Eric_Dugal, are you accessing the project you referenced above from a bookmark? If not, how are you accessing it?


I am not accessing it from a bookmark but the upper left side under Favorites or Teams sections.


This also keeps happening. I have to click Join again and again and again and again. It’s frustrating.

See screenshot2019-09-13%2014_28_24-%E2%97%8F%20Projects%20Issue%20-%20Asana


Let me rephrase my last post.

I will click Join and then at a later time it will be back to saying Join instead of Share. This is where I and many of my colleagues have to click Join again and again.