ISBN scanner

The help desk suggested I reach out here. I’m using Asana to plan and track our homeschool work and I’d love to be able to scan the books we read with BookBuddy+ or GoodReads and have them appear in asana as tasks. Can anyone help with this?!

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It really depends on the UX you are hoping for. If you are willing to create a task for each book, and you don’t need access to external data, then there is no development effort at all. If you are OK opening a form (Asana or 3rd party like Wufoo) or writing a formatted email, then clicking in a field, then operating your barcode scanner, you can have a solution in 20 minutes.

If you want a better UI and/or more data pulled in - an obvious wish would be for the ISBN to pull in title, author, maybe thumbnail of cover - then it will be a bit more effort, but possibly not too hard. My biggest question is whether you have access to this type of ISBN database and how the data is formatted. Wufoo may be suitable for data lookup. To create your own fields where you can add Date Read, Rating, etc. would be easy in Asana.

If your barcode scanner is not a freestanding one, but rather an app on your phone, then that adds another layer of complexity. If the app can send an email to an Asana address that you’ve stored, then that would be a simplification.

So, bottom line, anyone here will probably want your specific requirement, including details on how you will scan and what data you want to see, before they can lay out an action plan as to how to achieve it. Good luck, it sounds like a fun project.