Is there any way to prevent images/attachements from being downloaded?

We have a recurring issue with our marketing who has access to Asana taking assets before they are approved. We’d like to only give permission to certain team members to download attached images.

Hello @Simon_Briscoe,
Have you considered setting up rules that multi-home a task in a project for the marketing team so they only know these files can be used?
Meaning to not give them access to the other project so they don‘t even see the assets before they are ready?

A trigger could be all tasks moved to a specific section such as „approved“ or a specific selection in a single-select drop-down.

We have such process set up in our team for video creation process which has stages from ideation to creation to thumbnail and other post video prep and then upload to YouTube and optimization + utilising the video on other social media channels.
We have set up the stages so it triggers subtasks to be added and other actions once a task is moved to a specific section.
This way everybody knows they are not allowed to use files before + they will only be added to the task later.

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Interesting I’ll run that by our traffic team and see what they say. We tried something similar that when all the assets are approved they are uploaded into a zip file and only the assets in the zip are to be used, but unfortunately, that is not being respected.