Is there an Asana version that is optimized for new Apple silicon chi

New to group so if question has be answered I apologize, but can’t find answer
Is there an Asana version that is optimized for new Apple silicon chip vs Intel chip. Or are we using the “Rosetta” translation process to run it within the x86_64 instructions on *“Apple silicon” .

I might be completely off topic, but Asana is a webapp running on a browser that runs on the OS, so isn’t it the browser job to be optimized for the chip rather than the webapp?

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Thats a great point. But can’t seem to get a straight answer from Asana

@Bastien_Siebman is exactly correct - there’s currently no Asana desktop app - it’s purely a web app running in a browser, so any hardware-specific capability isn’t an applicable question. The closest concept would be, as Bastien says, whether the browser running Asana is optimized for the M1 chip, and I think basically all the major browsers are providing M1 versions; see for example Chrome and Firefox reportedly now available for Apple's M1 Macs - CNET.

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I echo the answers you’ve gotten here and Asana support should know this, though it’s still kind of new info for them.

Also, I can report anecdotally that the M1 is amazingly fast and quiet (I’m using Asana in Chrome).




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Thanks all

Hey all,

Just want to let fellow M1 Silicon users that official M1 Silicon support seems to be live?!

I was setting up a new work computer for a new employee, downloaded Asana and noticed that Mac didn’t prompt me to install Rosetta. Oddly confused, I then looked in Activity Monitor and confirmed that it IS INDEED correct!

I did some digging online, and found that at the very minimum this has been updated since at least 7 days ago.

I don’t know why there has been no official announcement from Asana, but I figured I’d let people know. There was no “new version/update” prompt or anything like that on my personal M1 14’ MBP, so I just went to Asana’s download page and downloaded the .pkg, opened it, installed it, and can now confirm that it’s showing up for me with Silicon support.

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