Is there an Asana publishing feature



Is there a way to publish a task outside of Asana. Example if I purpose a task for meeting notes and have action items set as sub tasks is there a way to export to a word doc? My team is cross functional and Asana is not a company wide adoption yet?


There’s not anything native that I’m aware of.

You could print the tasks using a specialized printer plug-ins (something like ‘print to onenote’). The formatting leaves a little to be desired however. You’d have to figure out how to get that output into another team.

Another option would be an API integration. Someone may have made something or know how. I haven’t delved into the API. If that’s something you might be interested in, there are people around here who can definitely help.



First solution: (disclaimer: I am the author)
Second solution: Asana2Go (disclaimer: @lpb is a dear friend and part of my Asana incubator)
Third solution: build a custom dashboard (which I also do :sweat_smile:)

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Hi @Sam_Traxler and thanks, @Bastien_Siebman, I was going to say the same thing, in the same order!

Also there’s Asana’s built-in Project Actions > Export/Print > Print… but the result isn’t attractive, there’s only one output format, no way to influence which sections/tasks appear or how much detail is shown, nor how it’s laid out; all easy choices or customization options with Asana2Go


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We’ve been using Asana2Go for a few weeks now and it has made cross-functional work so much easier. I’ve definitely got to spend more time in the customization, but it has a ton of out-of-the-box functionality. THANK YOU!


Thanks @Laura_Johnson! That’s so nice to hear.

If you’d consider just copying and pasting that as a review at the Chrome Web Store, I’d be very appreciative. Go to Asana2Go, click Reviews, then Write a Review (it’s quick!).

Hundreds are using Asana2Go but only three have bothered to review it-on the other hand they’re all 5-star reviews so I’m not complaining!


All Done!


Don’t hesitate to ask @lpb for help, an hour of consulting can make all the difference if it saves you ton of time!