Is there a way to view ALL tasks in one calendar?




Is there a way I can view all my organization’s tasks in one calendar? I know that you can view the calendar by team, but what if I want to see all team’s calendar? Is there a way to do this? Any suggestions?


@Vina you sure can. :smile: I recommend that you do an advanced search. Just click on the search bar, select Advanced search, then select All (on the top left), and search. When your results appear, you’ll see a list view option and a calendar view option at the top of the page. Click on calendar and you’ll see every [public not private] task you’re looking for in a calendar view.


Hi @Vina,

You should be able to do it with a Search Report, but keep in mind you’ll only have access to the tasks and projects in the report that you normally have access to.

Go to Advanced Search in the search bar. Make it look like the image below, except add all the teams in your organization where I have a couple teams.

Click Search and you’ll get a boatload of tasks. Click on the Calendar tab at the top to see them all in a calendar view.

Note you won’t be able to sync this to an outside calendar, but you can Favorite/Star the report for easy access in the future.

Hope that helps! I would normally think this view would have too many tasks to be useful, but every organization is different.

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Just a quick additional tip - save your favorite views for quick access. I’m reviewing Asana for a potential client implementation and they will want full platform visibility - this tip saves the day because I can create multiple custom views of content within the platform across all environments and help them limit visibility as needed.