Is there a way to trigger rules based on greater than equal to comparison of two fields?

Trying to automate some custom resource allocation reporting outside of workload. Created a custom Field 1 for current % allocation vs. allocation % in the next 2 months (Field 2). I want Field 3 to be automatically updated with a trigger based on if field 2 % is greater than, less than or equal to field 2%.

Currently rules can’t be triggered because that greater than equal to option is not available… how else can i automate field 3?

Welcome, @anon18119110,

This is not possible natively in Asana.

You might be able to accomplish this using or with a low-code solution.

Another option is that @Bastien_Siebman has a custom service he has set up for clients that runs in the background at the frequency you wish to automatically update Field 3 whenever a change occurs.

Finally, you could custom code a solution using the Asana API.

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Thanks for the response @lpb !

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