Is there a way to set due date in description? Smart due date / parsing?



For example:

If I write a task item: "Complete blog post tomorrow"
Is it possible for Asana to automatically detect “tomorrow” and set the due date to tomorrow?

Thank you.


Hi @Amy_Lin, that’s a very very bright idea!!! I love it! :smile:


@Amy_Lin really great idea! Is this something which would help you on a daily basis or is it less frequent.
Honestly until now, I have not thought about that, but would save some time… :slight_smile:

@Alexis if we do not find a solution for such good questions, is it possible to move the topics to product feedback category then? it would fit much better over there


That is called “natural language recognition”. Many IOS calendar apps such as the one I use “Informant” have this. Not sure Asana has.


It’s not as quick, but I’ve noticed you can type Today, Tomorrow, Friday, etc. in the due date box and it will accept it. So, you can create a task, press Tab + D, then type Tomorrow.

Your way would be better, though.