Is there a way to select different email notifications per team?




Is there a way to set different email notifications for different teams or projects? The Asana help page for email notifications seems to be outdated, as the interface it shows in the example photos is not the one in use on Asana.



HI @Emma_Holland and apologies for the confusion, we have recently made a few UI updates and haven’t had a chance yet to update all our Guide articles, that said we haven’t changed our email notification settings, so hopefully this will help:

Under the “Email Notifications” tab of your profile settings, you can select for which space you’re member of, what type of email notifications you want to receive. You can learn more about “Daily Summary, Activity Updates and Weekly Dashboards” in this article Note that in the article, these sections have slightly different name but the very same definition.

Then, at the project level, each project member can choose what type of notification they want to receive; you can learn more about these (status updates, Conversations and Tasks added here

Hope this helps!