Is there a way to receive Google Drive Notifications when documents in the drive are updated/changed?


I was wondering if Asana could be used in conjunction with gdrive to keep an overview of new files and updates.


Yes, I too would be interested in this. My team uses a lot of Google Docs for collaboration but the comment notifications are restricted to email. That defeats the purpose of using Asana to track changes in the docs and respond to comments. Feels like we’re working in two separate workflows; one in google docs and another in Asana.


Hi @Julian_Clausen and @Sri_Narayanan and my apologies for the late reply!

When attaching a file from Google Drive, the file itself is not stored in Asana, we only store a link to the document in question. This means that your document will always open in Google Drive and you will only be able to make modifications from there! If you have notifications set up in Google Drive you should be all good to go!


Hi Marie,

Thank you for response. Is there a way I can use the Asana project email in the Google notifications?

I tried using the ‘Share’ function and included my Asana project email id but I get this error: ’ We couldn’t process your email because it was sent by but your email domain is contact your email admin to update your mail server’s email settings.’

I wasn’t expecting the ‘Add Task by Email’ feature to work perfectly when I tried this but I thought it was a possible workaround. What I did not expect was to be blocked by an email processing error. I’ve tried this with a dedicated corporate email account and I received the same error message. The thing is I don’t think many mail servers use the same id as the domains.

I just want to test out the email notification. Could you advise me on why there is an email processing error and a possible solution?