Is there a way to mark several tasks as subtasks at once?

If I have four tasks I want to drag or mark as a subtask of something, is there a way to do this? I wish the “…” button that appears when you select several tasks would have the same “Convert to subtask” option as you see in the individual task.

@Pamela_Harasyn - unfortunately, there’s not a way to do that in Asana currently.
I also often need that. I’d suggest creating and voting for a feature request here:
Product Feedback - Asana Forum


My team built a brand new free tool that does that though, if that’d be helpful for you.
It’s called You can click here and get the free forever license.

NOTE: When your free trial is done, no need to pay. It’ll ask you which features you want to keep free forever – just choose Super Subtasker there and use it forever! :tada:


The feature you are asking for is called “Super Subtasker”
Just click “Super Actions” and then turn on “Super Subtasker” – as seen in screenshots below.

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