Is there a way to map relationships in Asana?


Our team needs to see relationships and connections among our organizational stakeholders: who knows whom, who’s introduced us to whom, etc.

Is there a way to do that within Asana features? Everything I’ve found shows a linear progression of time and/or tasks, which is not what we want. We’re looking for a visual representation of connections, similar to a mind-mapping exercise done on a whiteboard.


Maybe you can achieve this using task dependencies and timeline?


Thank you for the reply. Can you tell me a little more about how that would work?


How many in the team and how many organizational statekholders? This seems more like a custom field initial data structure and then an API query or CSV Export manipulated into a report. Bridge 24 probably has the most powerful query structure On the other hand there are purported Asana API programmers in In addition @Bastien_Siebman may have resources on his


The team is five people, and there are about 50 stakeholders we’d like to map. I will look into the resources you mention, thank you.