Is there a way to follow every public task in my organization?

I would like to be automatically added as a follower to every public task in the organization. Is this possible?

Hi @Lauren15 welcome to the community.

I think the only way to achieve this is for you to be the owner of every project in your organisation.

Or go into every project and make yourself a member of the project and then set notifications to alert you on every new Task created.



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I believe Lauren wants to be a follower of tasks, not be notified of task creation. The project owner is not added as a follower automatically. Unless you set a Rule in each project that says so.

@Lauren15 I would advise against such practice as you would be buried under notifications pretty quickly. Can you instead build reports based on specific searches to select some tasks to look at specifically on a regular basis?

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Thanks for jumping in here @Jason_Woods and @Bastien_Siebman! And welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Lauren15 :slight_smile:

As mentioned by the Forum Leaders, at this time, it’s not possible to be added automatically to every public task in the Org. This would be a manual process but is also advised against as mentioned by Bastien :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I do realize it would trigger a lot of notifications, but in my role, I need to oversee what is going on and it can be challenging when I don’t know what tasks have been created (as our tasks our clients). I’m just interested in following main tasks - not subtasks. It sounds like setting a “Rule” is the only way this might be possible? It’s looking like we may need to upgrade our subscirption to do this, which is fine, but would want to make sure that achieves what we are going for.

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Another option is saved Advanced Search Report(s) (requires Asana Premium). You could have ones for modified in past day, created in past day, etc., and specify “not subtasks.” If you have access to all tasks, then you’d see the content you’re looking for, perhaps?



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