Is there a way to flip through subtasks?

My team uses subtasks as a way to list the steps/procedures of a given task. As the project manager, I’m often organizing details in all the subtasks. Is there a way to go to the next subtask with one click, instead of having to navigate back to the parent task, scroll down, and find the next subtask?

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I believe there is an existing Chrome extension that does this, can you try searching for it in Chrome Extension directory? Maybe @lpb recalls what it is? I don’t know why but @ShunS just popped up in my head, did you create such extension?


Hi @Izzy_Reyes, this is not possible within Asana but as Bastien mentioned, there is an integration that can allow you to achieve it!

@Bastien_Siebman I think you are referring to the Asana Navigator integration created by Shun → Asana Navigator: Unofficial efficiency browser extension to enhance navigation for Asana tasks.

@ShunS let us know if the integration is still available! Thank you!



In case you weren’t aware, in List View you can expand a parent task to see its subtasks in the main pane (assuming you are using Sort: None). That affords one-click access to each in the right pane.



@Emily_Roman @Bastien_Siebman Thank you so much! I downloaded the extension Shun made - genius!

Any idea if Asana will ever add it as an official feature?

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Absolutely no idea, I would personally say no but that is just my opinion.

Thank you for using Asana Navigator!
It creates the links to sibling subtasks and supports keyboard shortcuts.

I’m now submitting a new version for Chrome store review with some improvements and bug fixes. Full-screen mode (/f at the end of URL) will be kept when jumping to other subtasks.

The problem I can’t fix is that it reloads the whole browser tab instead of just updating the right pane. When there are only a few subtasks, Tab+↑ (go to parent task) and clicking the next subtask might be faster. When you use many subtasks, I’d recommend Asana Load More too.

Considering the speed, I hope the feature will be officially implemented, but in the meantime, this is a good tip:

Please also see this feature request and upvote it if you are interested:

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