Is there a way to export jpegs from projects?


Hi, is there a way to export jpegs from Asana?


Hi @Kinga_Dow - If you’d like to save an image from Asana, just click into the image and select the option in your browser window to download the image. You may also simply drag the image from your browser window to the desktop.


Szia @Kinga_Dow; Michael from Asana here :slight_smile:

Confirming what Alexis mentioned regarding saving files saved in your Asana one by one, we do also have another option for the export of all files from your Organization.

If you are interested in this ability, it is only available for those on an Enterprise plan, which you would need to reach out to us & upgrade to. Additional information on Enterprise plans are available at the following link:

Hope our answers help provide clarity, according to your needs!