Is there a way to edit a task's TIME and have it automatically update related tasks within the same board?

Let’s say you have task “A” due 'Jan 1 and task “B” due Feb 3 and task “C” due March 5th but task “A” just got pushed back to Jan 10th - Is there a way to update ONLY task “A” and have to CROSS update all the other tasks automatically?

Not really natively, but @Phil_Seeman and his tool Flowsana does this, I’ll let him jump in.


Hi @Sahar_Vissotzky (and thanks, @Bastien_Siebman),

Our Flowsana integration has two types of workflows which adjust dependent tasks: Auto-Adjust and Dynamic Duration.

Auto-Adjust is simpler and does basically what you describe. Dynamic Duration is for use cases where you want to build a template indicating durations for each task, and then over time use that template for multiple projects using that same template and durations.

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